Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 and TD500L: new boxes with tempered glass and large ventilation

Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 review

Cooler Master has just presented its two new MasterBox boxes MB500 and TD500L, some models in which the manufacturer wanted that first, above all, the internal ventilation of the components, but without neglecting the internal and external design. For this reason, the brand has equipped them with a side made of tempered glass. It is undeniable that the design of computer cases has stagnated a bit in these years. Gone are the times of the boxes with the front made in steel grid that allowed a better air intake from the outside, and that ensured a better internal cooling of the components. Now, with the fashion of putting tempered glass everywhere, especially on the front of the box, the cooling of the components has definitely worsened.

The main feature to highlight these two new models of computer cases is the generous metal grid that they carry on the front, especially in the MasterBox TD500L. This new computer case uses an external design based on prisms, which starts at the left side and extends to the front grid. A grid that occupies the entire front of the box and, behind which, you can install up to three fans of 120 mm or two of 140 mm. On the other hand, up to two fans of 120 or 240 mm can be installed on the roof of the MasterBox MB500 and, finally, the box has a 120 mm fan on the back as standard.

Cooler Master MasterBox TD500L review

The internal dimensions of the box allow the use of tower-type heatsinks up to 166 mm in height, graphics cards up to 407 mm in length and power supplies up to 190 mm in length. As for the internal bays, the box lacks 5.25″ bays, but it does have two 3.5″ bays and two 2.5″ bays. For its part, the new Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 is a model that uses a front with metal grid behind which are hidden three fans of 120 mm or two 140 mm (standard comes with a RGB of 120 mm in this area of ​​the box), two extra 120 mm fans can be installed on the roof of the box and one rear, also 120 mm (which comes as standard and is RGB).