Download Halogen OS for Honor 8 android phone

Halogen OS is a third party ROM for the Honor 8 android phone. It is based on AOSP and Code Aura forum project. The motive of the Halogen OS is to bring latest android features and provide a stable ROM to the end users. Keep in mind that this ROM is designed for daily use and not for tinkering around. So if you are planning to install custom Honor 8 kernels onto it, do not use this ROM as it does not supports overclocking.

Download Halogen OS for Honor 8 android phone

Here are list of its features:

Substratum Theming Support
Custom Lockscreen Visualizer
SuperUser Capable
Dexpreopt Enabled
Equipped with latest Busybox
Support for 3rd Party Webviews
Support for Modern Service
Long Press Home for Assistant
Enhanced Booting Speed
System UX & Performance Optimizations
Minor Audio Tweaks
Enhanced Media Support
I/O Tweaks

Installation instructions:

* Download the current version of XOS for your device.
* Reboot into a compatible Android Recovery solution. (Note: We recommend TWRP)
* Wipe ‘/system’, ‘/data’ & ‘/cache’.
   (Optional: For `Dirty Flash`, do not wipe anything)
* If you are coming from the EMUI 5.x other than the latest one, then first flash Full LineageOS, or Full RROS by OpenKirin team.
* After that again boot into recovery and factory reset.
* Select the appropriate ROM zip and flash the current ROM build.
* Want Google Apps? Obtain and flash the latest GApps from
* Flash any other system modifications you may want e.g. SuperSU/phh’s SuperUser.
* Reboot.