You need to get a real computer, my friend

apple ipad

MS’ CEO took at some jabs at Apple when he saw a reporter using an iPad for writing the notes. He told him, “You need to get a real computer, my friend”. That’s exactly what IBM said to people when IBM saw the first personal computer – IBM people thought it was a joke. Well, the joke was on them. It was easier for IBM to deal with corporations than deal with consumers – IBM had no idea how to deal with consumers, and Microsoft ate their lunch. Nadella has no idea how to deal with consumers, and he’s making a ton of money dealing with corporations, so why should he deal with consumers? So, he follows IBM’s strategy from 1985. Good luck with that.

Corporations are comprised of people. Get enough people using Android – learning the user interface, trusting the operating system, having it become part of their lives, and they’ll want Android at work, too, and corporations will slowly migrate to Android, just as corporations drifted to Microsoft/Windows.

Time is running out for Microsoft/Windows to remain the go-to personal operating system for the average consumer. When the average consumer – the average employee of a corporation – doesn’t use Windows, the average corporation will have little incentive to continue to use Microsoft/Windows.