Paragon Coin is scam: Do not invest in Paragon Coin

We have come across many crypto currencies but not all are useful like Safex and Neo – there are some scams too, like the one that we are going to discuss in this article. It is about the Paragon Coin who have been exposed on reddit and their PR team is down voting all the posts that explain why it is a scam. One user has seen his post going from 60 votes to zero in matter of few minutes.

paragon coin review scam

Paragon coin start off with faking their numbers and then not sticking to distribution which they planned. On their website, the team says that they will have a total market cap raised to 5 million dollars between 15-25 august. Then on 23rd August 2017, Paragon Coin team claimed that they sold 30 million tokens which is about 22.5 million dollars already which is a ballooned, fake figure.

The main person behind the Paragon Coin team is Egor Lavrov who is using the face of his wife, Jessica to market the idea in a better manner. Egor has excellent knowledge about crypto currency and internet but unfortunately, he does not have good past.

Currently, he is busy promoting and throwing a ton of money in marketing in all the ways possible. He even did an AMA where they had fake users, questions and even fake upvotes. People – do your research and invest wisely and carefully.