Safex coin is excellent investment: Top crypto currency to invest is Safex

Safex is an excellent investment right now if you are into crypto currencies. The potential for an anonymous block chain market is tremendous. To get in at the ground floor of a coin that pays dividends on the transactions happening on said block chain is is even better. There is obviously risk in investing because anything could happen and the project could not reach it’s potential. If all goes according to plan, the coins are useful on two fronts.

Safex coin

To begin with, the dividends. If the market place is a success, in 5 years time, it’s not crazy to expect there to be $500k-$800K in daily transactions, about the size of alphabay. I would expect the transactions to be much higher though, as alphabay catered to a very specific, very illegal market and this would be a completely open market for all types of transactions.

As the amount of transactions increase, your passive income generated by the safex coin will also increase. As the passive income for the coin increases, the value of the coin will increase as well. So you’re gaining money on two fronts as the market place grows. It would be similar to owning amazon stock before the dot com bubble.

I believe this coin has tremendous long term potential so it is a solid, yet risky investment for hodlers (because things can happen to derail the project, as can happen with any project). I don’t think the coin has much short term potential for quick hit gains. I think until the Chille Blockchain is released the coin will operate between 220-600 sat (600 on the tail of an inevitable pump and dump).

It’s hard to foresee anything happening in the crypto-world because there are so many unpredictable events that could cause huge spikes or massive drops. But I think realistically, Once the Chille Blockchain hits it’s stride and a release date is officially set the coin will begin operating at around 900-1500 sat and then things will calm down a bit while people begin to figure out the market, how to use it, and just how anonymous the market really is.

I think if the market is adopted and all goes well 1-2 years out (depends how timing of the project goes, delays etc..) 1200 sat may become the new floor. Again I don’t want anyone to take this as any type of advice because literally anything can happen, nothing is set in stone, and these predictions are 100% art and 0% science, but that is why I bought in and it’s what is driving me to hodl this coin for the long term.